Enchanting Chaos

Life is beautiful, when yours is finished. Welcome to 4Forces.

I'm thirsty for more

An asylum of trigger happy lunatics unfit for society

That could be a bit of a stretch. We're 4Forces - a tiny group of close friends who play fun games together. So we're not lunatics or unfit for general society. We're in fact harmless, right? Well, admittedly, those games usually entail gushing blood, hacked limbs and, well, screaming. It's all in pixels though. See - harmless.

We came from nothing... except plenty of cash, members and talent

4Forces was launched in November 2015 as an extension of Excessive Forces - a renowned Counter Strike: Source team recognised as the greatest aim_texture faction in history. Far less competitive now, our objective is to casually obliterate our foes and plant our proverbial flag in various online multiplayer PC games. What games are these?

We have five members. Up yours, math.

That's right - 5 members in 4Forces. We don't comply with conventional mathematical solutions or what our lame school teachers told us. Some things are way cooler than maths, like Hello Kitty.

We really enjoy fighting other people, and usually win

Chances are, if you've found yourself dying repeatedly to the point of mental eruption and you've stormed outside and murdered the neighbour's dog, you're in a session with us. We apologise, sort of. It's just, we love Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, DOOM, and many more player-vs-player (PvP) thrillers.

Even the innocent AI cannot escape our wicked crosshairs

Occasionally we will take a break from liberating you from your vital organs, over and over again, and instead pick on helpless robots in many player-vs-environment (PvE) titles in a variety of genres. Sanctum 2, Killing Floor 2, PayDay 2 and 7 Days to Die, to name a few.

Global Offensive is our beautiful mistress

Meaning we simply cannot push her away because she's so gosh darn filthy. Defuse is our mode of choice, and we have a couple of favourite playgrounds within...

Suit up and join our servers

4Forces operates two Killing Floor 2 'Survival' servers and one Counter Strike: Global Offensive 'Deathmatch' server. Aren't we generous? I agree. So join us on our servers today. Please hold back your tears if we annihilate you. Hankies available.

You must be dying to learn more

Our current fanbase remember us from our previous incarnation - Excessive Forces, a long-serving aim_texture team from Counter Strike: Source. Feel free to subject yourself to sleepness nights, binging on endless coffee and pop tarts, and study up on 4Forces by checking out our Steam group.

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